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request For Proposal Submission - RFP


Request for Proposal Documents (RFPs) are sometimes used by companies when they
design or re-design their websites. Many RFPs force respondents to fit everything into a tightly controlled format of deliverables, timeline, and pricing. The problem is that this also tends to obscure the true strengths of the companies you’re talking to.

SimplyGreatWebsites receives several RFPs per month and since a big part of business comes from referrals it is great to receive your Request. You can expect a prompt submission and SIMPLYGREATWEBSITES.com will submit the most affordable bid for the quality that you need to succeed with your project.

Simply send your PFP to gary@simplygreatwebsites.com. And thank you for consideration for your very important project. SimplyGreatWebsites is in the business of creating websites and campaigns that work beautifully and which people find easy, appealing, and compelling while helping clients succeed online.

Suggestions to Best Utilize the RFP Process for your Business

Some companies are so overly restrictive in their RFPs that it becomes difficult for their Designers (like SimplyGreatWebsites.com) to provide a good response. As such those kind of RFPs often limit replies form companies that would actually give them the best and/or most affordable results.

If your company doe needs to use a RFP because of competitive biding requirements in your board’s directives, charter, or by-laws … here are some suggestions to improve your likelihood of creating a positive engagement with the designer you select and a compelling website as a result.

Define your Goals … avoiding exact designs or functions.

A list of goals allows designers (like SimplyGreatWebsites.com) to demonstrate their expertise in web design and give you their best solutions for you to consider. You’re hiring them to come up with solutions that you might not have considered. The best designers keep up with modern trends that you may not yet be aware of and might miss including in your RFP.

Encourage Open Communications and give as much Information as you can.

The process of selecting a designer is not much different from working with them. So, if you write an open and creative RFP then you are more likely to attract an open and creative designer for your project. If however you write a bureaucratic or overly restrictive document you will likely end up working with an inflexible company. And that does no one any good.

"Why" you want your website to do something is just as important as "what" you want it to do. For example if you want to improve your search engine ranking … say how you are ranking now and who are your primary competitors. Give your potential designers the most information you can and they will get creative to make you a client. It is what designers do best … give them the opportunity to shine and everyone wins.

One final suggestion to make the RFP process to help you actually get a Great Website.

One thing that is often missed in the RFPs received by SimplyGreatWebsites is a list of the systems that you are currently using and how they need to integrate with your website. By providing this to your desiner you can hel pto avoid most last minute surprises and eliminates bids from designers that lack the expertise in the Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, MainChimp, WuFoo, SalesForce, or the database that you might be using. Contact us if you have any questi8ons or need any help in constucting a RFP that will benefit your company or non-profit orginazation.