Additional Services

Visitor Conversion.

If you have an established website and lots of visitors who are not converting into customers, then SimplyGreatWebsites will first utilize analytics software to see where traffic is coming from and then determine where the problems are and fix them

Adding what is missing

Other things that can be done to help your website work harder for your business include:

• Using Key Words that your site needs to be found on the search engines.
• Optimization of your site design and content for a specific target market.
• Responsive Design so your site looks great on every device.
• Fixing broken websites that have been hacked or neglected.
• Installing videos and attention grabbing technologies.
• Installing Simple CMS overlays to existing websites so you can make simple changes keeping your site up-to-date on your own.
• Building in 3rd party Tools for list building and social media.
• Installing Tracking Analytics to give you insight into how your website is really performing.

Working Behind The Scenes has worked behind the scenes with major international website launches and has been quietly contacted by companies to “fix” broken websites where internal departments or entire design teams have failed. Subcontracting to larger designs firms that need a "fixer" on their team is really quite an honor. I'd say more ... but can't.

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Content Management System Magic | CMS

Rule Number 1 in Business ... Stay In Control

Premier Package and Launch in a Week Websites have a Content Management System (CMS) installed that enables you to easily keep your website content updated with the latest information, photos and text about your products and services.

With a CMS, you'll be able to login to your website and make changes from any computer with minimal technical knowledge wherever you have web access and a browser. You even have the option to assign employees, owners, or officers to control only a certain page on your website without giving the mfull access. Let's say you want to have the President update theri message monthly, but other departments take care of other sections ... that's simple to do.

In addition ... SimplyGreatWebsites can install a Simplified Content Management System (in most cases) on your existing website without having to change a single thing on your website.

What Does A CMS Do?

Sometimes it’s not about what a product does, but what it doesn’t do that makes it Great. Your Simply Great Content Management System only allows you to modify the content/graphics within the page layout. Simple works best.

By minimizing the amount of settings that are required … the website is more stable, less likely to crash from updating it, and you can spend more time doing what you do best … not working on tweaking your website.

Websites need to constantly improving. You’re never going to get every word on your website perfect the first time. Subtle changes such as changing a headline can make a huge impact when it comes to conversion of visitors into customers. And that is one of the great benefits of having an easy to use CMS.

With SimplyGreatWebsites you not onloy get an engaging mobile-friendly website that look beautiful on any mobile device while still looking great on a big screen, but you stay in control. Even on Christmas or New Year's Eve ... if you need to make a change to the text or pictures on your website you can do it. What could be more Simple and be more Great.

Stay in Control ... it makes your website Simply Great!

 Call for more details on Simplified CMS retrofit costs or building a new website with CMS installed from your launch  ... it's a lot more affordable than you might think.